Kiteboarding with Discover Canada’s Rachel Moore

Kiteboarding in Prince Edward Island.

It was a thrill to meet Rachel Moore, instagram guru and ambassador for Discover Canada. Her and her husband where travelling across Eastern Canada chasing adventure when! Rachel paid us a visit to dive into what it takes to become a Kiteboarder, and learn in the amazing conditions Prince Edward Island is home to.

Kiteboarding is a sport that concentrates first on control and properly fly of the kite, with some practice a first time flyer can be come comfortable within 1 or 2 hours of hands on time flying the kite.  Our instructor start slowly building up the students confidence in flying by breaking down each maneuver into steps.

For example in kiteboarding the first step is to launch the kite from the ground into the air, This is first taught by having the student slowly pulling in the Kitesurfing bar causing tension to build in the sail and for it to gently lift of the ground then flop back down. Starting with these small steps will allow a student to build up to flying the kite with feeling and control in a safe manner.

Rachel was an excellent student and it was a blast watching her take her first flight with us. She finished her level 1 kiteboarding certificate and plans to continue developing her kitesurfing skills when she leaves Prince Edward Island.

See you again Rachel!